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 Love poem for scorpio

  One Special Lady
  Author: Dis Boii

Heaven whispered into my ear,
That one day,
One special lady would come my way.
And that special lady is- is You.

These days now,
your embrace feels so sweet.
This is something I dream about
everytime I go to sleep.

When I see your face,
you take my breath away.
And I forget everything
I want to say.

Sometimes, I just like to lay back,
and stare at you.
'Cause you`re the only one I think
about in everything I do.

I love it when I`m around you.
Everyday I want to get close to you.
It`s like I`m falling from a mountain-top.
My heart keeps pounding, and it won`t stop.

Let`s forget about our past,
and make this love forever last.
Just make the call,
and take it all.

There`s no need to stall.
I won`t make you wait,
Beause it`s my love
you can`t escape.

Damn, how I wish I
could have been him.
I wish I had not let
my life get so dim.

Wow, I take myself for
a loser now.
I hope I recover from
this pain, somehow.

I blew my chance,
and lost something so precious to me.
I`m breaking down now,
can`t you see?

Just say, 'I Love You.'
Even if you don`t mean it.
I`ll cherish it forever as long as
it was said from you.

It`s funny how this happens.
Funny why I`m writing this to you.
But I guess there isn`t really
anything I can do.

Thanks for keeping me strong.
Thanks for making me last long.
You`ll forever be my sweetie.
I hope you realize that you are ONE SPECIAL LADY!

  Memories of a Boyfriend
  Author: Jazzy M Jasmine

I will remember you as you are
See you for what you will be
Know you for what you want to be
Judge you for how you were with me
Know you from the place we met
Dislike some of the things you've said

I will remember you as my friend
I now know this is the end
Even though nothing lasts forever
I wish, as friends, we could remain together
One day we may need each other
You're still the Best Friend
I've had the pleasure of knowing
Now, the both of us need a while
For personal growing
We each just need some time apart
Enough time to make a brand new start
I will never forget what we once shared together
My Memories of You
Will always remain
Present in my heart


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