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Aries love astrology
Slow down. Stop being so impatient with others. Ask for help when you need it. And don't hesitate to take the first step in mending a broken heart. Your tendency to procrastinate may let down who are depending on you.

Taurus love astrology
Offer fewer explanations or excuses. Others know that you are a person of integrity and accept you for who you are. Stop being so hard on yourself. Start acting with your head and not your heart.
Gemini love astrology
Be more attentive to the needs of that person closest to you. You don't always have to be so blunt and so "honest"in your observations. Be aware that others value your opinion and respect you. Choose your words carefully.
Cancer love astrology
You have the tendency to smother someone who is dear to you. Back off a little and you will discover that they will be drawn closer to you. As you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, others are attracted to your honesty and forthrightness, but remember that not all people react the same to your unique personality.
Leo love astrology
Although you are anxious to please, and you are known for your generosity, you do have a tendency not to hear what people are saying. Thus, some believe you are only interested in fulfilling your own needs. Once you begin to pay attention to the signals that others are sending you, you will find personal relations improving dramatically.
Virgo love astrology
Don't discount the wisdom of others as you tend to think your opinion is the only one that counts. And spend more time planning, developing strategies. It will help you in your personal relations. It appears you often do things on the fly, sometimes regretting your actions soon afterward, and then spending twice the time undoing the mess you've created.
Libra love astrology
Value friendship, peace, and reflect on your accomplishments. Once you stop being so hard on yourself, you will be more at ease with others and not focus so heavily on their flaws, mistakes, etc. You are incredibly loyal and expect the same from others, but you should relax your standards a bit, as you are often disappointed.
Scorpio love astrology
You should be more open to democratic decision-making as you tend to value your opinion infinitely more than those close to you. Although you have very loyal admirers, they do shy away from you at times for fear of being overpowered. You intrigue people because you are at times shy and introverted, but when you come out of your shell you seem capable of running the world.
Sagittarius love astrology
You are gregarious, fun loving, willing to put yourself out for a friend, but you have been disappointed at times by a lack of reciprocation from those close to you. You have a large heart, a generous spirit and adventurous soul, but for everything you have accomplished, you feel you have basically gone it alone. Some people say you are paranoid, but you just see life as it truly is.
Capricorn love astrology
Giving, loyal, ambitious and picky. When you make a friend, it is for a lifetime, but sometimes you can be too demanding, too incessant, too stubborn. You want to do it your way or not at all. Others seem drawn to you, admire your integrity, experience and potential. But you seem to drawn back when close to real success, almost as if you are too happy with the your present status.
aquarius love astrology
While usually looking at the broader picture, you are prone to overlook the obvious. Take a closer, more definitive look at your important relationships and you may discover you have better friendships than you think. If you are a normal Aquarius, you have underestimated the depth and loyalties of those closest to you.
Pisces love astrology
An enigma to many, you often are unsure of what you want in a relationship. You tend to be very flexible and have little tolerance for those who are rigid and are unwilling to hear "the truth." You attract a wide variety of friends while managing to keep everyone happy. But you seem particularly drawn to those who have a slight "edge" to them.

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