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 Love poem for Aries
  My Darling True Love

  Author: Mimi Mungomba

I would rather be somewhere alone with you

Instead of praying you're feeling like I do.

I'd rather be staring into the depths of your eyes

Searching, exploring, knowing, loving ...

My secret, I have decided to disclose to you.

I've never seen you, never met you, never heard

Or smelled, or touched you, never known

But truth be told,

I'm deeply, truly...

 Love poem for Taurus
  Saying Goodbye

  Author: Anthony West

So soft

     the brief touch of your lips

     on my cheek.

     Was I almost intruding?


     "Look after yourself "

     should have been

     "I love you!"

     "Then the Jumbo flew over"...

 Love poem for Gemini

  Author: Chantal Bastin

I can't pretend to be happy when I'm not

     My health is a cause for concern

     I can't pretend that I don't give a jot

     Happiness and Love I yearn

     There's always something to pull me down

     It's not my imagination, it's fact

     I have on my face a constant frown

     I want my body in tact

     Will all this be over one day for me...

 Love poem for Cancer
  The Definition Of Love

  Author: Andrew Marvell

My love is of a birth as rare

     As 'tis for object strange and high:

     It was begotten by Despair

     Upon Impossibility.


     Magnanimous Despair alone

     Could show me so divine a thing,

     Where feeble Hope could ne'er have flown

     But vainly flapped...

 Love poem for Leo

My True Love Hath My Heart Author:Phillip Sidney

My true-love hath my heart and I have his,

     By just exchange one for the other given;

     I hold his dear and mine he cannot miss;

     There never was a better bargain driven.

     My true-love hath my heart and I have his,

     His heart in me keeps him and me in one;

     My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides;...

 Love poem for Virgo

  Author: Virgo

All my life I had built up a fantasy

     of the perfect man.

     Countless romance stories and fables

     helped make that fantasy a reality in my mind.

     Searching for that fantasy lead to many


     Reality made it clear that there was no such man.

     And as the years went by, the fantasy started

     to fade away .......

 Love poem for Libra

  Author:Hassan Alokily

What is it with Love?

     That makes me then breaks me?

     When in love do I truly love?

     Is it really love Or do I think that I love?

     Maybe I just love being in love

     Or love the idea of being in love?

     I spent my whole life chasing love.

     In the end the one thing I truly love

     Could just be the Meir...

 Love poem for Scorpio
  One Special Lady

  Author: Dis Boii

Heaven whispered into my ear,

     That one day,

     One special lady would come my way.

     And that special lady is- is You.


     These days now,

     your embrace feels so sweet.

     This is something I dream about

     everytime I go to sleep. ...

 Love poem for Sagittarius
  Not Just High But Above

  Author:Sylvia Harris from Houston

One day as I was thinking

     Thinking as I often do

     The subject turned to love

     And immediately I thought of you

     I thought of how you have changed my life

     And relieved all my pain

     I thought of how you've carried me

     And all things in life I've gained

     As I pondered these wonderous thoughts...

 Love poem for Capricorn
  Forever And Always

  Author:Kasey Comfort

It started out simple

     like somthing new

     I knew from the beginning

     there was just somthing about you.


     I loved the way you smiled

     and the way you laughed

     We were on different roads

     until the roads came...

 Love poem for Aquarius

  Author:Sherri Emily Avery

In my heart,

     I hold your love close,

     It's your love that I need the most.

     I sit here as I watch the sunrise

     In the morning dew,

     I see the tip of it looking like a flame,

     As I'm feeling this burning love for you.

     I sit here alone with all my thoughts of you,

     Watching the sunlight begin to fill the room....

 Love poem for Pisces
  My One And Only

  Author:Holly Irwin

Since the day we first met,

     I knew it was love,

     God answered my prayers,

     you came down from above...


     You gave me your heart,

     and taught me to trust,

     for the first time ever,

     it was more than just lust...

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