Love poem for Libra

  Author: Hassan Alokily

What is it with Love?

That makes me then breaks me?

When in love do I truly love?

Is it really love Or do I think that I love?

Maybe I just love being in love

Or love the idea of being in love?

I spent my whole life chasing love.

In the end the one thing I truly love

Could just be the Meir pursuit of love

I have heard it said

True love comes around only once in life

I never believed that until I met you.

I now know what true love means,

For never have I loved someone

as I love you

Because our love is eternal

There's nothing left to say,

Except to say this one last word.

I love you more each day


  Author: Rebbaca

Love is the greatest feeling,

Love is like a play

Love is what I feel for you,

Each and everyday

Love is like a smile

Love is a song

Love is great emotion,

That keeps us going strong

I love you with all my heart

My body and my soul

I love they way I keep loving

Like a love I cant control

So remember when your eyes meet mine

I love you with all my heart

And I have poured my entire soul into you

Right from the very start

 This section of Love covers love Poems for sunsign Aries.

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