love romanceKissing was initially derived from the from Old English cyssan which means "to kiss”. The basic reason behind Kissing is to express ones love, which can be either out of affection, romance, and respect, or to greet or bid farewell and good luck.It also expresses the sexual desire of humans which starts with a kiss.

It is not a behaviour which is followed by humans alone, but we can also witness this in animals where they lick and show their love feeling. Though there is no exact record of when and where and by whom kissing was started, but there are records for something called as 'Eskimo Kissing’ in ancient days around 1500 B.C.itself.The theory of Eskimo kissing states that kissing always help a person to know more about the nature of the other partner through the smell they inhale, thereby helping them to analyze their biological compatibility. When we talk about physiology of kissing it is just not pressing of lips but involves a lot of muscular coordination of thirty-four facial muscles and 112 postural muscles.

Kissing the romantic action of expressing a person’s sexual desire involves the partners sucking each others lips or forces their tongues into each others mouth. This errotic way of saying I love you is supposed to be very sensual and it counts a lot for it is very expressive and it talks about various emotions and feelings. This is a basic instinct among animals where they rub against each other. There are some olden day’s theories which say that when we stop breathing our life stops. Thus our soul lies in our breath which can be felt when we kiss thereby getting into the world of eternity. But however there are other stories where they say kissing is mainly to check the potential of the genetic factors of the partners. The most essential thing for a kiss to be pleasant is good breath. So care should be taken to avoid bas breath. Kissing is not something which is preplanned; it just comes out as a matter of fact when either of the partners wants to express their love. It is always good to brush our teeth regularly and carry breath mints wherever we go. Most of the time bad breath puts or turn off the partners and spoil the whole process of kissing. When it comes to females it is good that they always maintain a moistened lip with the help of a lip gloss for it helps in more gentle sliding of the lips during the process of kissing. At the same time avoid using too much of lipstick. During kissing one should never be nervous but instead remain cool and relaxed. For a smooth course of kissing to take place the partners should stand in the opposite direction with the head slightly tilted to either one of the sides. It is always noticed that a romantic kiss is always done with the eyes closed which shows the ultimate way of expressing their love for each other.

A social kiss varies a lot from the romantic kiss where it is usually among family members and friends. But whatever it is and whoever is involved in kissing, apparantely this act stands for nothing but it is the way of expressing love and affection for each other. A romantic kiss involves only the partners or the person in love and requires no maintaining of distance between each other. This kiss is supposed to be very intimate and it takes place only in a secured or a private place for it means a lot to the partners where they share with each other their feelings, love and space. The process of kissing involves both the partners hugging and caring for each other. This can also be accompanied by holding your partner’s face in your hands can help to focus your attentions, and your passions into a kiss to remember. A simple kiss can also be enhanced by touching the back of the head, the side of the neck and shoulders, or waist. The most important and the best way to enjoy a kiss is not diverting attention and thoroughly concentrate on each other thereby relishing and enjoying the sensual kiss.

This section of Love covers Kissing and how to kiss.

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