love romanceKissing is not something where you preplan it weeks or months ahead, ofcourse you might have thoughts of kissing your partner. Kissing is a romantic action of expressing a person's sexual desire which involves the partners sucking each others lips or force their tongues into each others mouth.

Though it has to come spontaneously it needs some technique and each of the partners should be surely aware of how to kiss. Kissing is supposed to be very sensual and it counts a lot for it is very expressive and it talks about various emotions and feelings. Many people become very anxious or nervous before or during the process of kissing. So here are few tips on the techniques of kissing or how to kiss.

The first and foremost tip in kissing is to have a good breath. A good breath talks a lot about your character. See to that you always brush your teeth properly when you go out on a date. It is essential that you carry mint with you which can be taken a little before kissing and care should be taken that you avoid chewing something at the time of kissing. Usually a dating will involve dinner or lunch, so in such cases also it is good that you have a mint on hand to take right after you finish eating. A romantic kiss is supposed to be very intimate and should takes place only in a secured or a private place for it means a lot to the partners where they share with each other their feelings, love and space. For if it takes place in a crowded area or a gathering you would feel very nervous or tensed. The most essential thing is that kissing should happen spontaneously and it should not be exchanged after getting permission. During kissing one should never be nervous but instead remain cool and relaxed, for women never like the whole process to be rushed. It should be a process starting with a small kiss followed by a French kiss thereby sucking on the partners upper or lower lip.Dont be in a hurry to kiss as soon as you meet each other for it will look as though you were very desperate one or don�t give too much of time for the action to happen.

When it comes to females it is good that they always maintain a moistened lip with the help of a lip gloss for it helps in more gentle sliding of the lips during the process of kissing. At the same time avoid using too much of lipstick. For a comfortable position to be got during kissing the partners should stand in the opposite direction but close to each other with the head slightly tilted to either one of the sides. In a romantic kiss the eyes are always closed before the lips meet, for this gives a feeling of more comfort and satisfaction and a sense of security. One should try not to breathe through mouth during kissing but you can breathe through your nose. At times when you are very nervous you can also go in for a closed lip kiss. The place where you have your first kiss also counts a lot. The place shouldn't be cluttered and should be appealing to the eyes. It should have a touch of sensuality along with comfort. A non smoker will never prefer a smoker kissing after a puff or immediately after a kiss. A simple kiss can also be enhanced with your hands touching the back of the head, the side of the neck and shoulders, or waist. The most important and the best way to enjoy a kiss are not divert attention and thoroughly concentrate on each other thereby relishing and enjoying the sensual kiss. You can let your finger's run through their hair, or just hold their hands in yours.Dont try to immediately move after a kiss but instead loosen yourself, holding hands and looking into their eyes. Using the above tips go ahead with this romantic action by relishing and enjoying the sensual kiss.

This section of Love covers Kissing and how to kiss.

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