Love poem for Capricorn

  Forever And Always
  Author: Kasey Comfort

It started out simple

like somthing new

I knew from the beginning

there was just somthing about you.

I loved the way you smiled

and the way you laughed

We were on different roads

until the roads came to one path.

When you asked me out

the butterflies came

they came in my heart

and I was never the same.

We became one

at the same time we were best friends

You said "Forever and always"

and I thought it would never end.

It was like that for a while

and I lived for your kiss

you told me I was beautiful

and I felt such total bliss.

But one night, your mind changed

and you turned it all around

You brought me up so high

just to tear me back down.

After that it was never the same

and I cried for all those days

now I think I finally realize

forever doesn't mean for always.

  Heart To Heart

  Author: Lilaneyah

Sometimes in this lifetime,

we meet a special soul,

who fills our very essence,

to almost overflow,

we drink the cup of friendship,

it tastes like ruby wine,

and you know within your heart,

this meeting was Divine.

This soul that lives within your heart,

no distance can prevail,

an inner spark, within the heart,

becomes a Holy Grail,

the starting of a journey,

in which you both shall be,

a reflection of each other,

for all eternity.

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