Love poem for Aries

  My Darling True Love
  Author: Mimi Mungomba

I would rather be somewhere alone with you

Instead of praying you're feeling like I do.

I'd rather be staring into the depths of your eyes

Searching, exploring, knowing, loving ...

My secret, I have decided to disclose to you.

I've never seen you, never met you, never heard

Or smelled, or touched you, never known

But truth be told,

I'm deeply, truly, madly in love with you.

Just because I know that you're in love with me too

And the nights I am secretly needing you

You're longing for me too.

To many, my tears seem insignificant

They're meaningful to you.

Someday our winding paths will meet

And I'll just know, I've found you.

Till that day, we'll have to wait

Because when we find each other

And the depths of hearts are revealed

Our love will be eternal

Worth every tearful moment that we've waited.

Though we are apart for yet another night

Our moment is a day nearer.

  Flame In My Heart

  Author: Lauren D.

Your eyes are blue and sparkling like the deepest of seas.

Your presence, like a sweet, summer breeze.

Your hair is glimmering and golden like sun rays.

Oh how you manage to brighten up my days.

Your nose is beautiful; big and round,

Oh what a wonderful person I have found!

Your lips are smooth and are well formed,

The whole of your body is perfectly adorned.

Your laughter is like ripples of energy,

That caresses and moves right through me.

Your voice carries the blessing gift of music,

Soft and inviting with a warmth in it.

The smile that i see on Your face everyday,

Fills me with joy and makes me proud and gay.

You have brought a peace upon my soul

And have planted a flame in my heart.

You are the masterpiece of the universe,

And... I Love You.

 This section of Love covers love Poems for sunsign Aries.

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